Friday, June 1, 2012

When I Truly Write

   I find myself browsing, dreaming, looking, wandering and wondering.  Too much fantasy, not enough writing.  I find myself spending too much time in the blogosphere without actually getting anything done.  Too much fluff, not enough writing.
   But writing.  It's what I want to do, what I was made to do, and what I have to do.  It is me letting a piece of my heart go free and see the world.  It is hanging a part of my soul on display for all to see.  It is this short, teenaged, somewhat timid girl trying to make her mark on the world.
   Really writing is letting the words tumble out of my fingers without interference from my brain.  True writing  comes from the deepest part of myself, the Michaela that no one sees otherwise.  The Michaela that is a bird in a cage, let out to stretch her wings only when I write.
   Writing is a pure, exhilarating gift from God.  It is channeling emotion and love and depth straight from Him to my paper.  It is turning off the logical, sensible, opinionated voice and listening to the still, small one.  Writing is sharing with you what He has given me.
   And besides... if I didn't write I might explode from all the words trapped inside me without any escape.

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