Friday, June 15, 2012

Awkward + Awesome Thursdays {4}

  •  Observing that I automatically turn the handle of the door to the bathroom when I close it.  And wondering if that’s because it really won’t shut otherwise.  I guess now I know - it definitely won't.  Why did I ever doubt my reflexes?  Why do I ever notice these things?
  • My nail polish chipping the day after I put it on.  Isn't that protective-sealer-top-coat-stuff supposed to keep that from happening?
  • Trying to understand the way people thought in the time of Ivanhoe.  And Sir Walter Scott's writing style.
  • How awful I felt after running two miles.  Good, because I actually made it in the house and up the stairs, but still. so. tired.
  • Posting this on Friday.  I pinkie promise you that I started this yesterday - and my pinkie promises are legit.  But then... "Miicchhaaeelaaaa!  It's time to leave.  Hurry up, we're going to Elaina's softball game!"
  • Discovering the greatness of Spotify.
  • Becoming somewhat decent at french-braiding my own hair.
  • Starting work at His Ranch. (more on that later...)
  • My parents have been married for 18 years.  (!!)  I know, crazy, right?  I love you two sooo much! :) ♥
  • Finally getting to go to the library and get a LARGE stack of books.  I'm immersing myself in the classics - and Ted Dekker.
  • Titus pulling my head down to give me a kiss when I tucked him in for a nap.
  • This conversation with a 5-year-old-ish kid:   Me: I'm 14.
       Him: Whaaatt? No way!
       Me: Well how old did you think I was?
       Him: You look like you're in your twenties!  You're at least as big as my sister.

    Sooo... how's your week been?


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