This Is Why

   I originally wrote this as a blog post (see it here) explaining why I write so much.  If you're wondering about the passion behind this blog, read this:

  I write because sometimes I just have let it all out.  I have to release my emotions.  Sometimes I've held it in long enough and I have express myself, my feelings, my sorrows, my love, my desires, and my passions.
   I write because the words come out different on paper.  Because sometimes I just can't do it any other way.  I try to tell you what I'm feeling, but I can't just say what's on my heart.  Let me write and the words flow easily.  I can share them with the world.
   I write because that's how God made me.  He gives me the words and I put them down on paper - and up on the web.  I write because Father wants me to.
    I write for you - and for them, and for everybody.  I write because there is a message that needs sharing.  The truth will set you free, but how if nobody tells you?  I write to show the world what God has shown me.

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