Thursday, December 8, 2016

let's go on an adventure

   I hear a lot of people complaining that their life is boring, or that they're so tired of doing the same things over and over, or that they need someone to spice up their life. More recently, they've been telling me they wish their life was as exciting as mine, or they wish they could go on an adventure like mine.
   I want to encourage these people. There many parts of our live we cannot control, but this is one that we can. They say "life is what you make it," and this is one way it's true. If we choose to have an adventurous life, we will. If we refuse to live in monotony, we won't. If we insist upon learning and growing and laughing pushing the limits, that's what we're gonna do.
   You don't have to drive across the country to make your life an adventure. You don't have to have lots of money to make your life an adventure. You don't have to quit your job or stop going to school or abandon all your responsibilities. Making one's life an adventure does require a bit of spontaneity and a dash of courage, but it is so, so doable. It doesn't even require any huge or drastic actions. Small choices, small actions lead to small adventures, and a series of small adventures will turn your week - month - year - life into one big adventure.
   Anyway. If you want to make your life more of an adventure but are not sure how to start, read the following list. It has at least a month's worth of small adventures.

  1. Try a new food
  2. Watch the sunset
  3. Mail a hand-written letter
  4. Do something different with your hair 
  5. Pick a road and drive down it as far as you can
  6. Visit someone in the nursing home
  7. Go on a picnic
  8. Stargaze
  9. Make prints of the photos on your phone
  10. Play at the park 
  11. Wave at people
  12. Bake cookies or brownies or cake or something 
  13. Throw a party
  14. Walk or bike instead of drive
  15. Bring food to someone at work or school
  16. Learn - and use - a new word 
  17. Celebrate a holiday you've never celebrated or maybe never heard of before
  18. Make a new friend - or at least a new acquaintance 
  19. Share your testimony
  20. Play hide and seek in Walmart
  21. Listen to classical music for a week
  22. Invite someone over for dinner
  23. Pay for the person behind you at Taco Bell (or wherever you spend your money I guess)
  24. Give lots of compliments 
  25. Blow bubbles
  26. Wear fuzzy socks in public 
  27. Sing and dance whenever and wherever a good song comes on the radio
  28. Go for a run - as long as you can
  29. Read a novel
  30. Watch "try not laugh" videos on YouTube 
  31. Call someone - just to talk
  32. Play in the snow
  33. Listen to the Holy Spirit
   That last one will get you every time, y'all. Good luck and have fun! Let me know all about your adventures on Facebook or in the comments. 

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I'd just like to warn you that #20 can get you kicked out. But it's fun up until that point.