Saturday, March 23, 2013

God Speaks

   God works in mysterious ways. God works in many, many different ways.  In my life, he often teaches me through my own writing.  So many of the things that you read on my blog are simply me telling you what God has told me.
   When I tell you all the reasons why you don't need a boyfriend, that's God reminding me that I can wait to date.  When I write about living without fear of death, that's God giving me words as fast as I can get them on paper.  When I tell the story of the girl who struggles with self-harm, that's because God has told me to reach out to her.  It's me sitting at my computer with tears in my eyes.  It's my heart overwhelmed with conviction. 
   So while you may think I'm writing to you, I'm really writing to me.  I'm persuading, encouraging, chiding myself.  While you may think my words are meant to express disappointment and anger and tell you what you to do, they are really giving direction to me.  While you may think I'm talking to you, God is really talking to me.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

About a Bajillion Ways to Have Fun

   Remember this post where I said there were "about a bajillion ways I could have fun - without dating a single boy"?  Well, I figured I should probably prove that to you... so, here goes!  About a bajillion ways to have fun (not boyfriend required).
  1. Bake cookies.
  2. Bake cookies with a friend.
  3. Give cookies away.
  4. Go for a run.
  5. Keep a journal.
  6. Read your Bible every. single. day. of your life.
  7. Sing loudly.
  8. Write a letter.
  9. Call a friend or family member you haven't talked to in a long time.
  10. Read an article on
  11. Take a loooottt of selfies on someone else's iPod/phone.
  12. Help me go to Peru. (Ask me how!)
  13. Write something encouraging on your bathroom mirror.
  14. Be confident in your no make-up, baggy sweatshirt self.
  15. Go through your closet and give away or sell all the clothes you don't want anymore.
  16. Have a photoshoot with a friend.
  17. Watch VeggieTales.
  18. Recycle.
  19. Make a list of characteristics you want your future husband to have.
  20. Play spoons.
  21. Play solitaire.
  22. Study for the ACT.
  23. Learn how to weld.
  24. Learn a new language.
  25. Learn how to spell your name in sign language.
  26. Find out where your ancestors are from.
  27. Ask your parents to tell you stories about when they were kids.
  28. Ask your parents how they met and fell in love.
  29. Make a list of things you like about yourself.
  30. Go to the park.
  31. Visit a museum.
  32. Visit a zoo.
  33. Look through old pictures.
  34. Go to a sporting event.
  35. Cheer excessively for your school's team.
  36. Give random compliments.
  37. Volunteer at your local food bank.
  38. Learn about the history of your town.
  39. Play ninja.
  40. Learn ballroom or swing or square dancing.
  41. Get a partner to dance with.
  42. Play catch.
  43. Play "Duck, Duck, Goose."
  44. Eat food.
  45. Watch Kid History and Kid Snippets.
  46. Learn a magic trick.
  47. Perform a magic trick.
  48. Go on a picnic.
  49. Join a club.
  50. Ride a horse.
  51. Visit a nursing home with some friends.
  52. Read a romance novel.
  53. Watch chick flicks.
  54. Fly a kite.
  55. Go fishing.
  56. Go to youth group.
  57. Take a friend/multiple friends to youth group.
  58. Organize a closet, drawer, or garage.
  59. Paint something.
  60. Redecorate you room.
  61. Watch Les Miserables even if you already have because it is amazing.
  62. Host a game night.
  63. Learn a new game.
  64. Teach someone a game.
  65. Shoot a gun.
  66. Shoot a bow.
  67. Act out a Bible story with friends or siblings.
  68. Play a musical instrument.
  69. Learn a new word.
  70. Use your expanded vocabulary in conversation.
  71. Shoot some baskets.
  72. Pick flowers.
  73. Grow flowers.
  74. Grow food.
  75. House-sit.
  76. Baby-sit.
  77. Pet-sit.
  78. Start a business.
  79. Teach a kids' class at your church.
  80. Go to the beach.
  81. Write a story.
  82. Dress up and have a party with your girls.
  83. Give yourself a manicure.
  84. Go on a mission trip.
  85. Take a class.
  86. Set a goal.
  87. Cook supper for your family.
  88. Write an encouraging note.
  89. Read a book to your little sister or brother.
  90. Sleep under the stars.
  91. Memorize scripture.
  92. Make your own bubbles to blow.
  93. Write with chalk on your driveway or sidewalk.
  94. Go camping.
  95. Get some people together to pray outside an abortion center.
  96. Go one day without shoes on April 16th.
  97. Share your testimony.
  98. Start a smash book.
  99. Meet someone new.
  100. Go to church camp.
  101. Visit IHOP (the Jesus one) or stream the live feed from the prayer room.
  102. Drink goat milk.
  103. Spend time with your family.
  104. Daydream.
  105. Praise God.
  106. Dress modestly.
  107. Learn how to yodel.
  108. Go on a Daddy-Daughter date.
   So there.  You can have fun - with or without a boyfriend.  Know that you are loved by the King of kings, and He says you are beautiful.  And go ahead and pretend that 109 is close a bajillion.

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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Boys, Fun, and Other Topics of Interest

Single   "Get a boyfriend," they said.  "It'll be fun," they said.  Well, in the wise and wonderful words of Jamie Grace, "You know what else is fun?  A dog!"  Seriously, there are about a bajillion ways I could have fun - without dating a single boy.
   What if dating is not as much fun as everyone keeps telling me it is?  What if it means spending my days working to impress him, and not make him mad at me, and figure out what on Earth he really is feeling right now?  Or what if having a boyfriend is fun; it's the not having that's more the opposite.
   What if I just don't want a boyfriend right now?  Honestly, somewhere deep inside me, I desire love and relationship.  But what if a boyfriend can't fulfill that desire?  What if I don't want a boyfriend at all?
   I want someone who will love me for me, and no one else.  I want someone who is a man of God.  I want to be able to talk about everything, or sit in silences that aren't awkward.  I want someone who is willing wait for me. 
   What I really want... is true love.