Monday, June 4, 2012

When I'm Old

   When I'm old, I want to have a love story.  God willing, I will have a husband, and we will spend our days loving each other.  We will fall in love, get married, have kids & grandkids, grow closer with each passing day, and be together until death do us part.  If I never marry a man, I have a glorious romance with my Savior.  As elderly lady, I will continue to love Him more each day, eagerly looking forward to the Wedding day.
   When I'm old, I want to be cool.  I will be like everyone's grandma.  Fresh baked goods will be freely offered.  Kids (and their parents) will know where to come for food, visits, and a helping hand.  I will be strong, healthy, active - able to keep up with the kids.   I will freely give cookies, love, and wisdom.
   When I'm old, I want to be trusted.  The kind of woman people know they can come to for advice.  I want to be like Mr. Perryfield in "Letters to God" - besides maybe the grumpy part.  I will learn my lessons well and remember them.  Those from all generations will be welcome to have a heart-to-heart. 
   When I'm old, I want to live each day to the fullest.  I will love God and people.  I'll take risks (only those calculated, of course), and go on adventures.  I want to read lots of books, go lots of places, meet lots of people, bake lots of cookies, and touch lots of hearts.
   When I'm old, I want to be ready.  I want live and to love with no regrets.  I know I'm going to Heaven, and I want to take so many people with me.  I will love life, and look forward to the day that I'm finally with Him. 
   When I'm old, I want to leave a legacy.  I want to be a city on a hill, a lamp on a stand, even after I've left this Earth.  I want to be remembered for my love and my strength and my faith.

So why not start now??

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