Sunday, April 27, 2014

current obsessions

  • Pieces by Red. Just hearing the intro gets me all emotional.

  • The sky. It's gorgeous. All the time.
  • Going barefoot. I guess that's more of a lifetime thing than a current thing, but I'm all excited about One Day Without Shoes. It's on Tuesday!
  • Jesus. Also a lifetime thing. But I'm growing more obsessed with Him every day! I seriously cannot get over how good He is. When everything else is falling apart, He's still there. Still strong, still holy, and still loving me. I love getting to know Him better. He is so beautiful! Also, I wouldn't have anything else on this list if it weren't for Him. So bam.
  • Jesus Parties. Basically a bunch of teenagers having church in my living room. I know you wanna come. We're here every Wednesday! And every Wednesday it's awesome. (:
  • Quotes. Frozen. C.S Lewis. The Fault in Our Stars. Lecrae. Titus (AKA the four-year-old that lives in my house). Brave Heart. Jesus. I'm so well-read.
  • Groupies. Like a selfie, but with more people. Feast your eyes on these gems.


Monday, April 21, 2014

poetry in my head

I've been running
down this path
for a long, long time
now I'm tripping, stumbling, falling
then a hand catches me
I look up
and He smiles
at me

P.S. Once upon a time, I woke up with poetry in my head. I wrote it down, even though that made me a hypocrite because I always complain about free verse. Then I debated about whether or not to post it, because I seriously don't even like it. But at the same time, I kinda do. Even though it's not very good. But I felt like I had to own up.
Anyway. Ramble complete.