Friday, June 29, 2012


            A quarter of our generation never got the chance to live.  We are missing siblings we never knew about, friends we haven’t met, musicians and geniuses and athletes who never got to shine, and world-changers who have left this Earth unaltered.  We may never know the millions lost to abortion would have been or what they would have done.  We only know that the God who created them holds them in the palm of His loving hand, where they will never know tears, loneliness, or pain.  And we know that we have to stop the modern holocaust in our nation.  We have to save more lives from being lost to abortion. We need to think fast. 
            How can a few teenagers change a culture?  With willing, open hearts hurting for the unborn, we must turn to the One who has infinitely more power and love than we can even imagine.  I believe God is calling us to join a movement called ThinkFAST (started by bound4LIFE).  Every Friday we will give up our school lunches and instead dedicate our 20 minutes to praying together for our classmates, our leaders, and an end to the atrocity of abortion.  We will commit to pray, vote, and obey.  We will sacrifice our afternoon meal to save babies.  We will gather together in faith, knowing that where two or more gather together in His name, He will be there with us.  With prayer and fasting, we will change our school, change the course of our nation, and change the world.
            Join me, and bring an end to abortion.  After all, how much are a few chicken patties and jammer sticks worth compared to the value of human life?

How to ThinkFAST from Bound4LIFE
  1. Skip lunch on Friday.
  2. Use that small time frame to get together with your Shadrach-Meshach buddies, and pray. It doesn't take a large group. Jesus promised to be wherever two or three are gathered in His name (Mt 18:20), so gather in the hallway, foyer or lawn. It's easy, and the time will go quickly.
  3. Focus your prayers on the ending of abortion in the nation, sexual purity for your school, friends you know that have had abortions or are at high risk. Pray in faith and believe that God can intervene in each situation with redeeming love.
  4. Do it every Friday consistently. Your fasting will intensify your prayer life and draw you closer to God's heart on the issue. Besides, you can survive one afternoon without Salisbury steak and cream corn.

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