Friday, February 20, 2015

show them

   It's so easy for us to spout a "Jesus loves you!" and move on like we've done something. We think we've fulfilled our Christian duty for the day, and we feel good about ourselves. I mean, there's nothing wrong with speaking the truth. It is highly encouraged, even. But it's not enough
   The reality is, it doesn't matter what we say to people. They want proof. They're saying, "Oh, Jesus loves me? Show me."
   So what do we do? We turn around and pray. We ask God to show them His love, or to send someone who can do so. But here's the thing: we can do so. Me, you, us. We don't have to sit and hope a preacher or a missionary or an expert shows up. We have experienced the love of Christ! We have met God! We have been filled with the Holy Spirit! Isn't it our job God to show people God's love? Our responsibility? Our heart's deepest desire?
   I dunno. I just remember reading somewhere that we are the body of Christ. That we are to love like He loved us. That our sole purpose is to show forth His glory. And I know that it's not enough for us to talk about it. We have to live it.
   People need more. They need real and they need raw. So don't be afraid. Hang out with the outcasts, the sinners, the least of these, whether they realize they are or not. Talk about the struggles. Talk about the dirty stuff. Talk about the truth. Accept people. Meet them where they are. Love like Jesus.
   Next time you tell them God love them, they might believe it.