Saturday, December 3, 2011

Trip To NY

Finding all the K-LOVE stations from here to Rochester.
This is the first snow we had seen all year - in a ditch on the way to NY.  It really started snowing on our way home!
They have amazing rest stops in Illinois!
We a lot of windmills.  They were really cool, but Mom vetoed my idea of getting one for our backyard.
This flag was gigantic!
I read Bella to Mom in the car.  It's an amazing book.  You should read it - or just watch the movie.
Yes, Teddy still travels with me.
Did you know they grew grapes in Pennsylvania?
This is what Flash looked like most of the we were there.  I have become a talented kicker-of-balls-for-dogs.
We went on a couple of hikes with Flash in the woods.  Yes, more ball-kicking - this time it was Grammy Joy's turn.
An aerial(ish) view of the city after our hike.
Some of the goodies at my grandparent's coffee shop.
I adore this painting at the Coffee Connection.
Relax and enjoy your drink!

All the coffee is roasted at the shop!
Those are big bags of coffee beans - they weigh as much as me!
Just a warning: unless you LOVE coffee, do not try eating a fresh-roasted bean.
Hand-made merchandise from Peru!

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if those bags of coffee weigh as much as you... they must not weigh very much.. lol