Tuesday, December 6, 2011


   I've formed a habit of saying one-word sentences that describe how I feel.  For example: Calmness.  Coldness!  Confusion. (I did not mean for that to be alliteration!)  And when I saw how many pageviews I have: Happiness!
   My blog has been seen 1,032 times since I started in July!  That achieves part of my goal, which is amazing, but the other part actually hasn't seen any progress at all.  You guys have been great, but there haven't been any new people.  Can you get me some more followers before my birthday?  10 more days!
   Another bit of news: we had our first snow today!  I lost the bet with my dad about getting out of school early (it was his idea), but it's still exciting!  Sadly, someone decided they would just take the memory card out of the camera, so I can't take any pictures, but here's a cool snow picture I found on Google. :)
Have I ever mentioned that I love tree-lined streets?

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