Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry CHRISTmas!

   Merry (day after) Christmas, everyone! 
   I have had a wonderful holiday - and it's really not over yet!  My aunt, uncle and their two kids, and Grandma Ginny came to spend Christmas with us.  We have played fun games, eaten yummy food, and just hung out.
   Our Christmas Eve is to have a telent-show-ish thing.  Everyone has to present something to the rest of the family.
Elaina played and sang "The Twelve Days of Christmas."
This is me showing my power point about the meaning behind "The Twelve Days Christmas."

Grandma played "O Come All Ye Faithful," and Morgan sang super quietly all by himself!

Dad read "The Legend of the Candy Cane."
We all listened very attentively.

At least most of us did....
Most of the time.
And Bekah just played on the slide.
Bethany sang a song for us about how she loves Christmas, God, and all of us.

Time for presents from Grandma!
Jonathon got Tim Tebow's book, "Through My Eyes." (I get it next!)
...And then he realized we were taking pictures.

Titus loves to play with the bike.
It makes everyone laugh so much!
Here's my sister and I with our gorgeous necklaces from Grandma.

   Mom and Dad hide all of our gifts on Christmas morning, and we have to find them all before we can open them.  The older you get, the harder Dad hides them, and I have to admit I had some trouble this year.  We were too busy to take pictures (sorry!) but it was great.  I got a beautiful scarf, a book, stationary for my letter-writing ministry-ish (it's waaayy prettier than notebook paper), and a new subscription to Susie magazine.  All the present were amazing, but really I just love spending time (not in school) with my family - not to mention the fudge. ;)
   So how was your Christmas?  I hope it was just as wonderful as mine - and I still have more!  Did you get any especially special gifts?  Do you have a unique family tradition?  Did you have a performance?  Tell me about it!
P.S Thanks to Aunt Chelle for the camera and most of the pictures!!

P.P.S.  The pantomime team at our church did two songs yesterday, and they did a phenomenal job!  They did "This is Christmas," and got a standing ovation. (We held service at our usual time, and the church was packed!)  Then they did "Christmas With a Capital C," and was hilarious, but also thought provoking.  Before you go, watch this video.  Enjoy!

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Looks like you had a great CHRISTmas!
and, it made me laugh... because I watched the movie "Christmas with a capital" that was based on that song... and the movie was filmed in the town in Alaska that I visited!