Friday, July 27, 2012

Forgive My Quaint Old-Fashionedness

   I like porch swings.  A lot.  And so, someday, when I have a porch of my own, I will put a swing on it.
   And picnics.  I have a great desire to go on a picnic.  I even put it on my "To Do Before School" list.  A real, authentic, with homemade food, out-of-doors picnic.  Picnis are awesome.
   I read books.  All the time.  For fun.  Books are my friends.
   Plus, I believe that every word of the Bible is true.  I do my best not to cuss and sometimes I use big words.  I respect my parents.  I believe that cleavage belongs inside your shirt and your rear should be far out of sight.  I am firmly pro-life.  I am saving myself for my husband - I only plan on one.  I enjoy going to church.
   So call me old-fashioned.  But this is me.  And I will stay true.
   Oh.  And there's that part where I spent a third of my 6th grade year in a pioneer dress and barefeet.

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This was way cute!
I agree with everything you say too! Did you really spend a third of 6th grade in a pioneer dress!? Pictures please!