Thursday, July 12, 2012

Awkward + Awesome Thursday {5}

  • Going to bed at midnight.  And this is what went down: try to fall asleep, try to fall asleep, finally fall asleep, omigosh I'm sleeping good, dream, dream, wake up, no! go back to sleep!, fall back asleep, dream, dream, dream, wake up, nooo! savor every moment!, go back to sleep, dream, dream, loud music at 5:03, wake up, fall out of bed, go to the school with Dad to run, run, be so tired that I yawn while I run, come home, fall asleep.
  • That whole yawing while running thing.  Totally makes it hard to breathe.
  • Being made fun of for twirling the ends of my braids.  They mocked me.
  • Elaina: What's swag?  Me: How do you live in America and not know what swag is?  Dad: I have no idea.
  • My face...

  • Bumping into random people at the pool.  Literal bumpage.
  • FIST!  Faith, Integrity, Swag, Trust.
  • My cookie monster nails. :)  Thank you Shy!  It took forever, but completely worth it.
Photo: These amazing nails I did of michaelas! I didn't have the right utensils for the mouth but other than that I think I did okay..maybe :)
  • The class of 2016.  I mean, isn't it obvious that we're simply the best?  4 more years 'til freedom... :)
  • Warmness that's not suffocating.  Is it sad that 92 degrees feels awwwesome?
  • Passing as 18 years old.
  • Painting on horses.  We had a big group come out to the ranch and I got to help with finger painting.  Those kids have some major creativity - Reva was very colorful.
  • This photo of me and a bestie from waayy back during track season.  And that one meet that we totally dominated.

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Those nails are epic! <3