Thursday, July 26, 2012

Awkward +Awesome {6}

  • biting into a cookie expecting complete chocolate-chip-awesomeness and ending up with raisins - which, if you ask this girl, are nasty
  • not being able to roll my r's, or trill my r's, or do anything with my r's except say "rrrr"
  • looking like an uneducated dunce in this post because I left the s off of "Marine Corps".  I fixed it.  two seconds ago
  • failing at the whole getting-people-to-buy-stuff thing.  gold cards + cougar football fundraiser + major determination to win prized = changing that
  • realizing in the middle of heated sibling rivalry that we are in a public place.  meaning people can see and hear us
  • all the amazing new friends I've made this summer - like 20-somethin'.  just ask Facebook
  • my grandpa and grammy coming in from New York to see us
  • getting this bag with the tie-dye that I love - for $25

A little bit of both:
  • the comments I get as the girl with the water bottles at football camp:
"you think you look cool in those glasses?"
"you guys should call yourselves the water angels"
"I like my water at 73.62 degrees farenheit"
"so you're gonna help me in Spanish this year, right?"
"hey can I get some of that angel pee?"
  •  watering the garden with Titus.  I told him to go get a bucket.  he finds the only one with a gaping hole in the bottom.  I tell him to put his hand under the hole to keep the water in.  he starts singing.  "my have a hand-hole, my have a hand hole..."

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