Thursday, February 7, 2013

letters. prayer.

   I decided on January 1st that I wasn't making any resolutions for the new year.  Words like "overrated," "pointless," and "ineffectual" ran through my brain.  But.  I feel like God's favorite thing is reminding me how much smarter He is than me.
   He told me to write one letter every week all year.  52 people.  52 letters.  52 messages from God.  2013 thus far has been - and will be - chock full of encouragement, listening, and larger comfort zones. 
   Pray for me.  For attentiveness, so my heart will be soft and open to hear His voice.  For willingness to do and say whatever He tell.  For eloquence and words to share.  For determination and perseverence to keep-on-keeping-on.  For an overabundance of love for God and people.
   Pray for me, as I pray for you.

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