Sunday, January 20, 2013

Black and White

   It's not all black and white.  Everyone has a different opinion about everything.  Certain actions seem wrong in some situations, but right in others.  We can have too much of a good thing.  We get confused.  We have to weigh our options, consider every point of view.  We're convinced we are right - until we are proved wrong.  God doesn't always give straight answers.
   If it was all black and white, we would have everything laid out in front of us.  We would always know what to do, what to say, what to think.  If everything was clear-cut, making decisions would be a piece of cake.  We wouldn't hurt the people we love the most, we wouldn't have our hearts broken.  All the answers would be obvious.  Truth would always be truth, and we would know it.
   If it was all black and white, God wouldn't have given us free will.  There would be no thrill in debate, no reason to stand apart.  Love stories wouldn't cause our hearts to flutter and our eyes to leak.  The beauty of creation would flee, and life would cease to be worth the living.
   So take in all the color - the royal purples, the vibrant greens, the cheerful yellows.  Get up early to watch a pink and red sunrise.  Let a flare of red, righteous indignation rise within you.  Look deep into the blue eyes of a baby.  Reveal the deepest pink of your love.  Embrace the shades of gray.  When everyone else settles for black and white, be fuschia, burnt orange, or purple mountain majesty.
   There are greater things than black and white.


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