Thursday, February 21, 2013


   54% of Peruvians live below the poverty line.  There are 600,000 orphans - just in Lima, the capital city.  3.8 million people are surviving in extreme poverty, two-thirds of whom are children.
   Sisterhood Magazine, with Never the Same Missions, is going to Peru this July, and I'm going with them.  I will spend two weeks presenting the gospel to Peruvians of all ages, serving them in the name of Jesus, and witnessing the work of God.  See what a day in Peru will look like here.
   To do this, I need to raise two thousand dollars.  I need your help.  Visit, buy a t-shirt, and type my name in at check-out.  Ten dollars from each shirt sold in my name will go towards my mission trip.  Ask me about other ways to support!
   And pray.  Pray, pray, pray.  Prayer works.  Pray for inspiration, eloquence, and passion as I fund-raise.  Pray for people's hearts to be moved.  Pray.
   Thank you so much!  I am ecstatic for what God is going to do in Peru. "5 for 5"

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