Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Misery Comes Regardless

   We were running behind, the snow had barely allowed us out of our driveway, and we were this close to getting to church when we met the train.  As it rolled ever so slowly by, I read the graffiti on the sides of the cars.  It said,
     "Misery comes regardless"
     "**** *******"
   Our world has become a public display of depression and hate.  We are drowning in despair, shrouded in darkness.  We are overwhelmed with oppression, submitted to hopelessness.
   But there is One who took all our suffering and shame.  He endured our pain and accepted the punishment that belonged to us.  By His wounds we are healed, and His rejection is the premise for our acceptance.  His brokenness has made us whole.
   If misery is what we expect, that's what we'll get.  But there is hope because of God.  He is waiting with arms wide open, ready to give us every good thing if we will only ask.  He will fill us with joy and peace unspeakable.  Insteading of accepting defeat, accept Jesus Christ.

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