Friday, February 15, 2013

The Love of My Life

   It's Valentine's Day.  All about love, and hearts, and candy, and mushy-gushy stuff like that.  And here I am, sitting here with God, waiting for my future husband.  And I'm cool with that.  And I'm not supposed to start sentences with "and," but sometimes I make my own rules.
   God is the love of my life.  I am infatuated - captivated.  I am determined to focus on Him, and I will also remember this top-secret boy talk from about 11:00 last night:
     Mom: You're gonna have plenty saved up for your husband.
     Me: What if there was interest...
     Mom: Well, there are some bonuses along the way!
   That is how it goes down around here.  Until we realize what time it is, and then I go to bed, and fall asleep talking to God.  Talking to God about how thankful I am to have Him at my lonliest moments, and what kind of man I hope He's saving for me. 
   I am so looking forward to these next few years, just me and my awesome God.  He is the most important relationship I will ever have.  I'm waiting for a man like Him.  He is my model of love.  I strive to become a woman after His own heart.
   And happy Valentine's day! <3

so the only pin to load when i open my pintrest app. on my phone after getting my UW denial letter. keep calm. love God.
P.S. I promise I wrote this yesterday, I just didn't get it posted!

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