Tuesday, July 9, 2013

D is for Day in the Life of Me

   I was gonna wait to do this post until
  1. I spent a whole day taking pictures of everything and
  2. My todays stopped looking completely different from my yesterdays,
but it doesn't really look like that's gonna happen anytime soon.  So, with words and guesstimated times, a Tuesday, July 9, 2013 in the life of me.

5:16 AM - Get woken up by Dad.  Spend five minutes convincing yourself to get off the couch (you're sleeping on it 'cause your Gonnie and Aunt Sonja are here!) and go to weightlifting.
6:00 AM - Lay down on bleachers.  Fall asleep.  Scare yourself half to death by allowing your hand to fall, hit the bleachers, and wake you up.  Read a chapter of Ezekiel.  Watch high school boys realize how out of shape they are after a week off.
8:00 AM - Work out with Karley and three eighth grade boys.  Realize how out of shape you are after two weeks off. 
9:40 AM - Get made fun of.  ("Pray for me, Coach, Michaela's driving home.")  Drive home from school.  Decide that it is taking twice as long as when someone else drives.  Realize that Dad must be starting to trust you because he talks on the phone the whole time. 
9:57 AM - Get home.  Turn on some music because you feel deprvied after 12 hours without it.  Eat more breakfast.
10:22 AM - Get on the computer.  Post facebook status.  ("You know it's getting intense when you go to wipe the sweat off your face and your shirt's already soaking wet.. that or you're really out of shape. ‎#yummy ‎#idowork")  Check e-mail.  Decide to write this blog post.
11:13 AM - Finally take a shower because everyone else has officially started their day.  Make sure you sing.  Loudly.  Keep singing until you spray perfume and start coughing instead.
11:44 AM - French braid your hair and be really proud of yourself  'cause it looks good.
12:01 PM - Play a game with Quiad and Titus.
12:38 PM - Carry in groceries.
12:48 PM - Enjoy lunch.  To the fullest.  Because KFC is awesome.  And so it Aunt Sonja for getting it.
1:00 PM - Do dishes and stuff.
1:24 PM - Play Apples to Apples with Dad, Mom, Morgan, Elaina, Aunt Sonja, and Gonnie.  Have a panic attack because you're pretty sure about to pick Dad's fourth card, but you don't know which one it for sure is, and you pick it anyway.
2:58 PM - Finish Tramp for the Lord by Corrie ten Boom.  Almost cry because it's so good.  Accidentally fall asleep on the couch.
4:02 PM - Get woken up by Dad.  Again.  Go pick up football at the school.  Go to 7 on 7.  Watch 7 on 7.  Stop at Casey's on the way home from 7 on 7 so everyone can buy drinks, and end up with a bunch of food.
9:36 PM - Get home.  Find some food.  Watch the end of Kung Fu Panda with the boys.  Finish this blog post.
10:19 PM - Read your Bible.  Go to sleep.

   I dare you to replicate it. ;)

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