Saturday, March 23, 2013

God Speaks

   God works in mysterious ways. God works in many, many different ways.  In my life, he often teaches me through my own writing.  So many of the things that you read on my blog are simply me telling you what God has told me.
   When I tell you all the reasons why you don't need a boyfriend, that's God reminding me that I can wait to date.  When I write about living without fear of death, that's God giving me words as fast as I can get them on paper.  When I tell the story of the girl who struggles with self-harm, that's because God has told me to reach out to her.  It's me sitting at my computer with tears in my eyes.  It's my heart overwhelmed with conviction. 
   So while you may think I'm writing to you, I'm really writing to me.  I'm persuading, encouraging, chiding myself.  While you may think my words are meant to express disappointment and anger and tell you what you to do, they are really giving direction to me.  While you may think I'm talking to you, God is really talking to me.

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all you pose are so amazing michaela i love seeing them every couple of days :).

Esther you know