Thursday, September 13, 2012

She Cries

   The sadness. The guilt.  The fear.  The despair.  The hate.  They envelop her, trap her, take her captive, and won't let go.  She feels unworthy, unlovable, unable to help herself.  There seems to be no escape, no plan B, no chance.  No one to turn to.  She is crying out for someone, anyone, to hear her, to notice her, to love her.  But her tears remain unseen, and her pain stays hidden deep within the jail of her soul.  She is overwhelmed.  She can't numb the constant pain.  She can't take anymore.  She is lost.  She has run out of options.
   She sits on her bed, razorblade in hand. 

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i had a friend once who went through that, she was an amazing girl and i wish people had been around to tell her so