Thursday, September 20, 2012

I Was Little

   When I was little, I always drew the sun in the corner of the paper.  I sorted my Skittles by color, and I sang the wrong words to worship songs while alone in my room.  I was a princess, an army nurse, a cowgirl, or an orphan, depending on my mood.
   When I was little, I memorized John 3:16 and went to church every chance I got.  I loved school, and I hated getting in trouble.  I moved as many times as most people do in their whole life, and each time it got harder, but I got stronger.
   These years of littleness shaped who I am as a young woman. Sometimes I wish I could go back.  Maybe not to change things.  Maybe just to remember, to re-enjoy the carefree days of naivete.  Maybe because when I was little, I didn't realize how fast I would grow up.

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