Thursday, September 6, 2012

I Am a Coach's Daughter

   I have grown up watching football, talking football, and loving football.  Jerseys and pads were thrown in with the dresses and jewelry when playing dress-up.  I got used to coaches and boys showing up at my house to hang out with my dad.  I learned the difference between a blitz and a different kind of blitz, the importance of "Drive your feet!", and how to draw plays.  I joined the games in the yard and the street and showed off my bruises, jammed fingers, and competetive spirit.
   To me, being a coach's daughter means a lot of things.  I've witnessed practices, film sessions, and pep talks.  My titles include, but are not limited to, videographer, manager, spectator, water girl, write-this-down-for-me girl, stand-on-the-sidelines-and-do-whatever-I-need-you-to-plus-cheer girl, and "Aren't you the coach's daughter?"  (I actually do like my name, though.)
   I have developed an intense love for going to "Daddy's games."  I will find a way to get there.  I have sat through the rain and gone numb from cold.  I'm the one who answers, "What just happened?"  I have yelled and cheered 'til I lost my voice.  I forget my friends are sitting there next to me.  I have shed tears over high school football.
   Being a coach's daughter means a lot to me.  People wonder why I voluntarily show up to help, why I care so much.  I guess you could say it's because I love the game of football.  I love the adreneline rush on Friday nights, the teamwork and comraderie, the thrill of victory.  I love that courage is made real, and that true character is revealed on the football field.  But even more, I really love my daddy.

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