Sunday, September 9, 2012

On Bullying

I sent this to my local newspaper as a letter to the editor and it was published past month.

To the adults - parents, teachers, administrators, board members:

   School is about to start.  What's on your mind?  Are you thinking about bullying?  It was such a hot topic last year.  You talked a lot and tried to do a lot.  Bullying was a big deal.  Will it be any different this time around?
   You see, that's the problem.  All your discussions and committees and educational videos and policies and talks aren't getting the results you're looking for.  It's wonderful that you are working for change, but your efforts really aren't getting you anywhere.
   I'm fourteen.  I go to public school.  You can consider me your insider.  I've sat through the movies that will change the way we look at life, and I've heard the talking and laughing while they play.  I've heard what the counselor has to say and I've been a part of the group discussions where we all talk about the bullying problem at our school.  I've listened to kids spout the right answers and share solutions, and I've seen the teasing, the exclusion, and the rude comments ten minutes later.
   You have taught our heads well, but it's our hearts that need an education.  What if instead of going to the meeting where they talk about us, our parents stayed home and talked with us?  What if our teachers would call out another teacher's kid for treating others like less?  What if our parents taught us the value of others, and what it is to be a hero?  What if instead of creating more rules and policies took make it look like they did something,our administrators took real action?  Can you imagine if the adults in our community displayed for us the respect, equality, and honor they so wish we had?
   Talk with us, be an example for us, and expect more of us.  Be the change, to help us make a heart change.

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