Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Joy of Mowing

   Today, I braved the 90 degree weather to finish up the mowing. (Our yard is so big we mow it in 3 shifts.)  Our yard had been desperately calling for a trim, and we finally answered today. 
   By the time I got there the back yard was almost done, and I only had to mow for about 10 minutes, which was enough for me.  During that short amount of time on a mower in our yard, I carefully avoided running over sticks, balls, and a toad.  I safely maneuvered the old mower into its special spot in the garage. 
   As I entered the refreshing comfort of air conditioning, Jonathon came pounding down the stairs.  "The front, the front!"  I gasped, "You didn't tell me the front yard wasn't mowed."  "Well, let's go try to start it," he sighed.  (Yes, we try to start our mower.  It doesn't always work.)  With combined effort and the short use of a battery charger, my brother and I got the engine to start, and also somehow got the mower into the yard with out hurting our lovely new car at all.
  The mowing of the front yard was mostly uneventful, but I am happy to be safely inside on a seat that doesn't move - or refuse to start.

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