Thursday, February 23, 2012

Where Are the Heroes?

A meeting with parents, teachers, and administrators.  Talk about bullying.  No solution.  Silence.  
"We need some heroes."  
Their noiseless stares betray their thoughts:  Where can we find some of those?  Surely not at our school.  There are no heroes among us.

   No heroes?  Are there none courageous and admirable?  No one is brave or strong enough?  This is what the adults seem to think.  Are they right?  Could no teenager be a hero?
   But we know that is what it will take.  The teachers can lecture, the administrators can make new rules and policies, and the adult world can bemoan our situation, but none of it really makes a difference.  We have to realize that there is a problem, and that we can fix it.  We have to stop deceiving ourselves.  We have to stop thinking that it's not our problem, that someone else will take care of it, that we can't really make a difference.  We have to be the heroes.
   Will you take a stand?  Will you be strong and courageous?  Are you worthy to be admired?  Will you defend the weak and confront evil?  Will you be a teen with character?  Will you stand up for what is right, even if you stand alone?  Will you risk it all to gain everything?

   Will you be a hero?

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