Saturday, February 4, 2012


   That want, that need, that desire in every girl's heart.  To know that someone cares.  To be called beautiful. To hold and be held.  To be chosen.  To be loved.
   We look for it everywhere.  It drives what we say, how we dress, the way we act.  We look to our dads to fill this need, and they fail.  We try to get other boys to fulfill our desire, only to have our hearts broken over again.  Deep down there is a hole in our hearts and we try everything to fill it, falling short every time.
   But there is One who can fix the problem.  One who desires you.  Who will hold you, treasure you, love you.  He fills the void.  He is the only One who will never leave, never fail, never disappoint you.  He is the ultimate Father, the perfect Guy.  He knows who you really are, what you really need.  He says you're beautiful despite it all.  He loves you.

   Turn to God.

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I am utterly thankful for a daughter that has caught a vision of purity that I did not understand when I was young. That she imparts this vision to all of you in the breathtaking way that she writes affects me in ways that words cannot describe.