Sunday, March 18, 2012

Unite For Life

   180 Movie might change your life.  I have seen it three times, and it is still riveting, bringing tears to my eyes every time.  Ray Comfort hits the streets, testing people's knowledge and convictions.  He sheds light on the issue of abortion, comparing it to Hitler's Holocaust.  180 is 33 minutes that will rock your world - if you let it.  If you are ready and willing, watch the video at (or right here in this blog post!^^)
   40 Days for Life is campaign to end abortion.  At abortion clinics across the nation and all over the world, defenders of life gather outside and pray.  This year's first 40 days is going on now, through April 1, and already 345 babies have been saved. You can get involved now!  Even if you are unable to find a 40 Days for Life event in your area, you can still join me and thousands of others in praying for hearts and minds to be changed.
   I cannot wait to see October Baby.  In the movie, Hannah's life is turned upside down when she learns that her birth mother tried to abort her, and her parents are not her real parents.  She sets out on a journey to find her real mom.  Hannah's tears and laughter will become your own as you experience this life-changing movie, which hits theaters this Friday.
   " exists because abortion exists.  And because a deep and accurate understanding of abortion does not exist."  As I type this, a bracelet is around my wrist and one of their t-shirts is my closet, ready to be worn.  This website simply tells the facts about abortion.  It is well worth the read, and the share.  A group of friends and I are working on doing an Abort73 Campus Blitz at our school.  Check out the website, and show the world the truth about abortion.

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