Monday, January 30, 2012

Perfect People

   Stop for a second and think about that girl.  Yeah, you know who I'm talking about.  She's popular, fashionable, and quite possibly tall and blonde.  The girl everyone wants to be like.  She's got it all - the beauty, the friends, the guy.  The perfect life.  She's got it all together.  She's happy.
   Maybe not so much.  Have you ever thought about what her life is really like? who she really is?  Have you ever cared?  You might be surprised by what you would see.
   That girl's beauty is all a mess of expensive clothes, hair product, and make-up.  She doesn't think she's pretty without it.  She's spent hours in front of the mirror to make herself beautiful, never believing she truly was.  She has spent her life getting people to like her, but she still doesn't know which of her "friends" she can trust.  She feel she must have a boyfriend to be loved and important, always wondering when this one will ditch her.
   That girl wakes up every morning and paints a picture of perfect for everyone to see, hiding what's real underneath.  She pastes on a smile and coats herself with confidence.  On the inside she is crying and falling and failing.
   Will you show her what truth is?  Will you live what's real?  Will you demonstrate true friendship?  Will you you teach her happiness?  Will you tell her she's beautiful?  Will you tell her she's loved?

   Or will you let her live her perfect life?

Check out Perfect People by Natalie Grant.  It's an amazing song!

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