Saturday, January 7, 2012

How Do You See Me?

   You may think I'll like it if you call me "hot." You might think I 'll blush and smile.  You may think "sexy" is a compliment.
   You thought wrong.
   If you greet me with "sexy" I'll turn and walk away. Call me "hot" and I'll want nothing to do with you.  Those words don't flatter me, they disgust me.  They don't attract me, they shove me away.
   "Sexy" and "hot" tell me you see me as an object, not someone to be loved and cherished.  They show me that you only care about what I look like on the outside, not my feelings on the inside.  Those words reveal that you're just looking at my body, not who I really am.
   Is that all you really care about?  Is that really how you think?  Can't you see that there's so much more?
   I don't wanna be sexy or hot.  I want you to love me for me.  I want you to know that I'm gorgeous inside and out.  I want to be the one you would give your life for.  I want you to see who I really am, and still love it.  I wanna be "beautiful."

   How do you see me?

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