Sunday, January 8, 2012

To the Students of America

   Have you heard the talk about how our country has taken God out of our schools?  Kids don't say the pledge of allegiance anymore, much less pray as a class.  Teachers aren't allowed to share their Christian beliefs with students.  We learn about the big bang theory, and that evolution is the only way things could've happened.  You've probably heard your parents or other adults complain about all this.  They say their kids deserve better, that school is a bad environment.  They claim America is speeding downhill.
   And maybe all this is true -  it probably is.  Maybe we have a real problem in the US.  Maybe God is absent from public schools, maybe He's been kicked out.  But what's being done about it?  Is it being changed, is the problem being fixed? 
   Maybe the grown-ups can't fix it.  Maybe legislation, government, and politics won't change this.  Maybe this isn't about the adults. Who's problem is it, anyway?
   What about us?  We the young people of the United States are the ones really affected by this - and in turn, so is the world.  We are the ones who can, should, and will change this.
   We can take a stand.  We can be different.  We can share the truth.  We can bring the Lord, the Creator, back into our schools, back into our lives, back into our nation.  We - you - can make the change.
   We are not just kids, we are the future.  What is America without us?  The world is headed nowhere without the youth.  The adults may recognize the problem, they may see that it needs fixed, but they can't do it without us. 
   The revolution must start with us.  We make a change in our own lives, and our friends see it.  Our friends change, and our class notices.  Our grade is changed, and our school wonders what happened.  Before we know it, all the kids in our school know God.  We share Him with our teachers, principals, and coaches.  Our school has been transformed, and it wasn't because of rules, regulations, it wasn't forced upon us.
   The shift has to start inside our schools, with the students, with us, with you. The change will spread, but it has to start somewhere - with the kids of America.  Together, we will change the world.

   What will you do?

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