Thursday, May 9, 2013

B is for Best Friend

   Seriously, I have to pick one?  There are way too many awesome people in my life for that.  How 'bout I narrow it down to two?  Bridesmaids?  Yeah, these two pretty much have a guaranteed spot.
   Justice Fae Marie Sly is fiery, noble, making-me-smile, "crazi," and adorable.  She's been practically adopted into the family.  Justice calls my daddy "Dad," and my daddy calls her "Liberty Ann."  We pretty much complete each other - plus she remembers all the things that I forget.  She recently became a part of God's family, and I am so proud of the way she is growing in the Lord. 
   We have so many memories that I could never fit all of them into one blog post.  We compete constantly (I can scrunch my face more, spin longer, and beat her at laser tag), but we have never gotten into a fight.  We've been on TV together!  I trust her with my secrets.  People give us odd looks because we laugh at things they don't understand.  I love Justice to death.

hahaha we were winners in 7th grade
   Brenna Marie Hawk (I totally just realized that they have the same middle name! That right there is what you call an epiphany.) is my peace-loving, beautiful, loyal, sweet, opinionated bestie for life. She is the one who still stayed in touch with me after I moved four times - and then she up and left for Costa Rica! Missionary kids are awesome. We're still trying to find a way for me to get down there. I should totally show up and surprise her for her birthday like I did a few years ago! That was one of the best days of my life. ;) In the meantime, I learn Spanish.
   As I run around with my head in the clouds, Brenna somehow helps me keep my feet on the ground. She's like a rock! A rock with a really pretty smile. We laugh at each other's mistakes and help each other out with the complicated parts of life.  I'm pretty sure I would be lost without this chica.
Her view <3
Outside our House off of Panama Avenue.jpg
outside their house in Costa Rica

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Ahh so sweet! Te quiero! (And yes I am the friend from Costa Rica:)