Thursday, October 18, 2012

My Heart Is Broken

   I have stood in church and sang the words, "break my heart for what breaks Yours."  I have cried out to my Lord, and He has given me what I asked.  My heart is broken.  As I sit in this chair in my house in this big, big world, my eyes fill with tears and my heart is overwhelmed.
   Father God is grieved over abortion, and He has laid this same burden on me.  When I think of the tragedy that occurs every day, of the lives lost, of the women traumatized, of the would-be fathers, and of the passive attitude we have towards this atrocity, I am outraged.  I am filled with so much emotion that if I don't let it out, I feel my heart might burst.  Abortion breaks my heart.
   Father God longs for each person to see her beauty and His love.  I cry for those who do not.  I consider the people who think so poorly of themselves, and I see them live their lives in depression and defeat.  I am totally overcome with a desire to show them their value, to let them see that the God of the universe loves them beyond measure.  My heart is broken.
   So be careful what you wish for.  And what you ask for.  Because if it's God you're asking, He will grant your wish.  Your heart might end up like His.  Broken.

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