Tuesday, May 22, 2012

What Boys Need to Know About Girls

Dear boys,
   There are some things you should know.  About girls.  Because sometimes, you guys seem kinda clueless.  No offense or anything, but you look like you could use some help.  I'm thinking some hints and tips from a female perspective might be enlightening.  So listen close, because what I'm about to tell you could change your girl endeavors forever.  These are the things you guys need to know about girls.
   Numero uno: They are not toys.  Girls were not put on this earth to play with.  You don't get to drop them when you get bored or find one you like better.  Don't pick up the first one that catches your eye, and don't think she'll come without a price.  Any girl worth your time is a valuable treasure.  Keep her safe, hold her close, and treat her like the precious jewel she is.  A girl's heart is not to be messed with.
   Secondly:  Girls think differently than you.  They read into everything and their brains can work crazy fast.  When you flirt, you mess with a girl's mind.  Whatever you do, a girl is trying to figure out what it means. 
"Does he like me?  He acts like he does, but I really don't think so.  He said that one thing the other day, and really there's no way he likes me likes me.  I hope he likes me.  He surely doesn't like me."  
"Does what he just did mean anything?  I'm really not ready for a relationship right now.  What does he want?  I don't want to hurt him.  Maybe it doesn't mean anything.  But surely it means something."  
"I wonder if he's mad.  I think he's mad.  Is he upset with me?  Does he need a hug?  Maybe he just needs some space.  I should've worn different shoes!"
   So don't say or do anything you don't mean.  Think about what effect your actions will have on a girl.  Don't toy with her.  Don't mess with a girl's heart.
   Third: Girls adore chivalry.  You don't have to be physical to prove your attraction (love?).  A girl may act like all she wants is you to go farther physically with her, but really she is longing to know that you will always be there for her, that you love her, that she is worth it.  Show her all of this in other ways.  You may have to get a little more creative, put a little more effort into it, but it will be well worth it - to you, and to your girl.  Prove yourself in other ways.  A girl's heart is not to be messed with.
   Number four:  Girls DO want and need guy friends.  You don't have to be all mushy-gushy romantic.  Really, you need to not be.  A girl needs a friend.  Someone she can trust.  Someone who's not a drama queen.  Someone she can come to with her problems and know he won't just cause more.  Someone who will be steady, dependable.  A friend.  A girl needs a guy who won't mess with her heart.
   Fifth:  There is a girl out there who needs you.  Get ready.  She was created for you, so don't waste your time with all those other girls.  Keep your heart safe for her, be watching for her.  And when you find her, never let her go.  Don't let anyone mess with her heart.
   I hope and pray that you've been enlightened dear boys.  Take this knowledge to heart and put it to use.  Remembering these five things about girls can save so much confusion and heartache.  God bless you, young men.  And never forget: a girl's heart is not to be messed with.
   In Him,
     ~Michaela :) ♥

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