Thursday, May 24, 2012

Awkward + Awesome Thursdays

   This is my first linking up to Awkward and Awesome Thursdays at the daybook! :)

  • Finally finding the right shade of pink nail polish so your toes will match your fingers, and then putting it back in the bag when the timer goes off for the cookies.  You finish painting your nails ten minutes later and say "Ooooh crap!" because you used the wrong color.
  • Trying to get a good picture of the aforementioned toes and fingers together with your webcam so your beloved bog readers can see the difference - it didn't really work.
  • Standing outside with your siblings eating a popsicle and  turning every few seconds because the wind keeps changing and you want it to blow your hair out of your face, not into your mouth.
  • When the power turns off and you have no idea why.  But then it comes back on within an hour.
  • Playing sardines outside at youth group and your leader makes everyone get on the wall with their hands up while they count - while all the bewildered people drive past in their cars.
  •  Melissa at Girls 4 God used this post on her blog! Yay :)
  • Godiva chocolate - need I say more?  Oh, yes I do.  It was free.
  • The Avengers with two of my besties.
  • Ice cream, hiding, mad ninja skills, and musical goose at youth group.
  • Time with the fam at a beautiful creek (or crick, whatever) with the softest sand ever on its banks in the perfect May weather.

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