Sunday, April 27, 2014

current obsessions

  • Pieces by Red. Just hearing the intro gets me all emotional.

  • The sky. It's gorgeous. All the time.
  • Going barefoot. I guess that's more of a lifetime thing than a current thing, but I'm all excited about One Day Without Shoes. It's on Tuesday!
  • Jesus. Also a lifetime thing. But I'm growing more obsessed with Him every day! I seriously cannot get over how good He is. When everything else is falling apart, He's still there. Still strong, still holy, and still loving me. I love getting to know Him better. He is so beautiful! Also, I wouldn't have anything else on this list if it weren't for Him. So bam.
  • Jesus Parties. Basically a bunch of teenagers having church in my living room. I know you wanna come. We're here every Wednesday! And every Wednesday it's awesome. (:
  • Quotes. Frozen. C.S Lewis. The Fault in Our Stars. Lecrae. Titus (AKA the four-year-old that lives in my house). Brave Heart. Jesus. I'm so well-read.
  • Groupies. Like a selfie, but with more people. Feast your eyes on these gems.


1 heartfelt responses:

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I finally decided to take a gander upon one of your blog posts. First time ever. Pieces by Red is an amazing song by an amazing band. The intro is amazing. The person that showed you that song must really know some good music. :) They must also know your taste in music. Said person has some great taste. Kudos to them and Kudos to you on a nice blog. Maybe I shall read another some day. :)