Wednesday, November 21, 2012

In His Presence

   When you come into the presence of God He becomes so real to you.  You're breathing so hard that only half the notes you sing come out - and when they do they flat.  Still you sing, because you just want be heard.
   Your pulse jumps and you are overcome with emotion and you can no longer stand in the presence of your Lord.  You fall to your knees, but still you feel presumptious, because there is no way you deserve to know this awesome God.  Finally, you end up flat on your face, prostrate on the floor.  The tears are flowing and the snot is running, but you don't care.  He is all-encompassing.  He is all that matters. 
   When you surrender yourself to the presence of God, He takes your heart - your dirty, abused, hard-as-a-rock, scribbled-upon, torn-to-shreds heart - and He washes it white as snow with the bright, red blood of Jesus Christ.
   After you have experienced the presence of God, you cannot stop smiling.

Based on my testimony after going on retreat with my youth group.

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Great post. Happy Thanksgiving!