Friday, November 9, 2012

Her Song

   There once was a little bird who lived in the park.  The little bird had a song, and she also had a dream.  She dreamed that her song would make a difference.  That her song would change a person, and change the world. 
   And so everyday she flew to tree in the middle of the park and landed in tangle of branches.  Everyday she would sing her song.  She would sing with joy, and courage, and determination.  She would sing to whoever would listen.
   But it seemed that no one was listening.  No one paid any attention to the little bird with a big heart and a song.  The little bird saw this, but still she did not give up.  Other birds had given up on their songs, because no one paid attention.  The little bird saw this, too, but still she chased her dream.
   Everyday for months upon months she sat in the park and sang her song for the people passing by.  Everyday she left without knowing she had made a difference.  Discouragement tried to take over, but she knew God had given her her song.  She knew He had plan.
   One day as sat and chirped, cold was setting in.  The little bird knew she had to move somplace warm, but she was loath to leave her dream.  This was her last chance.  Her last day.  She stayed on her branch minutes longer than usual, hoping and praying to make a difference.  She belted out the last few bars, delaying her departure as long as she could.  Just as she started to open her wings, a young woman looked up and smiled at the little bird's song.  Just one person, just one day that was brightened.  But that one smile made everything worth it.  
You can change the world
if only you will have the courage to open your mouth
and sing.

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