Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A Fruitless Hunt

   Well, not entirely fruitless.   While the only thing I accomplished on Saturday was to cripple a doe, my brother got his first deer!  He's been waiting a long time, and I know how great it feels to shoot your first deer.
Jonathon refuses to have his picture taken, but here's a really-not-good wonderful shot of his doe.
   In the morning I saw a doe, and really thought I hit her, and so did my dad, but then no trace of her could be found.  Here's me, the ever optimistic, happy hunter.

   In the afternoon we sat in a different stand, and these are some pictures I took after I almost feel asleep just sitting there, plus a video of my view.
   I had the randomest (is that a word?) songs popping into my head -and sticking there- all day!  Want to know just how odd my playlist was?  Here's three of the songs:

We're learning this song in choir - the alto part is hard.

Absolutely love this song!  All of Beckah's music is amazing.

   Right before dark we saw two does together, and (after I fixed the gun so it would fire, which took like a whole entire minute) I shot at one.  I knew for sure I hit that time, since we could see her leg flapping when she ran off.  We searched til well after sunset, but there just wasn't enough blood.  I'm sorry, poor doe, it was a bad shot. :'(
   So, (even though I can not seem recover my gun-aiming skills) it was a wonderful day.  I love sitting in the woods, and the time alone with my dad is awesome - plus the chili at lunch was really good.
   Do you all have any hunting stories?  I would love to hear them.  Comments make my day!

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Thanks for commenting on my blog! I wasn't sure how to reply to it on there, so I'll just leave a comment for you on here! Sadly, I don't have any hunting stories (my family isnt the outdoorsy type haha), so here is a funny outdoorsy story. But my cousin almost paid me twenty bucks one time to bite a head off of a live fish. haha I was being pretty daring and stuck the head in my mouth but as soon as my tongue touched the fish's eye, I freaked! lol -Jordan :)