Sunday, August 7, 2011


   The first Sunday of every month (and I plan to volunteer for the third soon) I help out in the Dynamites class at my church.  It's 4-6 year-olds, which includes two of my brothers.
   This morning we had about 15 kids, which is a big class for us.  We had a lot of fun, and learned about how God never changes, but He can help us change for the better.
   There is something about listening to a kindergartener pray for us to all love each other that makes you feel like crying.  Why can't we be more like little kids?  Why don't we learn to trust with childlike faith, and stop worrying so much about our "big" and "important" problems, and focus our prayers more on things like loving each other more?  Let's take a hint from the Dynamites.

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Good thinkin' and feelin'.