Wednesday, October 5, 2016


   It's true. God doesn't need you. He didn't have to create you. Nothing required Him to form you and mold you and make you the person you are, but He did. He chose to. You exist by a deliberate decision by God.
   It's true. God doesn't need you to love Him. He doesn't need your approval. He doesn't need you to boost His self-esteem, not does He need the validation of your affection. Yet He chose to make the ultimate sacrifice so that you would be saved, so that you could spend eternity with Him. He chooses to pursue you wherever you go and to wait for you however long it takes. He chooses to bless you no matter how many times you deny Him or ignore Him or dishonor Him. He loves to spend time with you. He desires a deep relationship with you.
   It's true. God doesn't need your help to accomplish His plans. He is all-knowing and all-powerful. Whatever He wants done, He could do it for Himself in a heartbeat. Yet He chooses to incorporate you in His plans, and He chooses to use you to accomplish them. He chooses, in spite of your bad habits, your ineloquence, your laziness, your fear, and all of your flaws, to use you.
   God has chosen you.
   Over and over again God chooses you.
   What choice will you make?

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