Thursday, September 8, 2016

it's the little things

   Last night at McDonald's I held the door open for a lady. You would not believe the smile that lit up this woman's face when she saw what I was doing. She thanked me three times.
   God is giving us opportunities to show his love all the time. So often I miss these opportunities because I think they're too small to make a difference, or I think people will think I'm weird, or I'm too scared, or I'm too lazy.
   This would have been an easy opportunity to miss. This lady was several steps behind me. I could've kept walking and let the door close behind without anyone noticing. She was obviously able-bodied and capable of opening the door herself. I could've assumed she didn't need me.
   Probably nothing terrible would've happened if I hadn't have held the door. But her smile wouldn't have happened either.
   It's crazy what an impact our actions have on those around us. So give compliments. Help a friend when they drop something. Smile when you pass people in the hallway. Hold the door for a stranger at McDonald's. Never pass up an opportunity to make someone smile. Take every chance you get to show someone love. You'll make someone's day - you might even change their life.

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I'm going to enjoy this... keep going, girl!