Tuesday, June 9, 2015

in case you were wondering about all the stuff I didn't tell you

   A year ago, there was a lot I didn't know. I mean, more than usual. My life was a mess. Again, more than usual. I knew I was moving, but I didn't know where and I didn't know when. I was super pumped about the new adventure God was taking me and my family on. I was also terrified.
   A lot has happened since then, and I know I've left out a lot of the details. Okay, most of them. There were times when I needed some time to process my life before I could write about it. There were times when I really simply didn't have enough to blog. There were times when I was just lazy. Anyway, I figure ya'll deserve an update. So here, for your reading pleasure (or not. just stop reading if you're not enjoying yourself.) is the condensed version of the last year of my life.

June 2014: Jesus parties. Trips to the creek. Rodeos. Finding Favour concerts. Making the most of the time, because I don't know much I have left.

July 2014: Figuring things out. Red rover. Making plans. S'mores. Going-away party. His Ranch.

August 2014: Moving in with Grandpa and Grandma. Football. Dad, Jonathon, Elaina, me - no Mom, no little boys. School starts. More football. No photos because insanity. But this did happen:

September 2014:  Becoming known as "the barefoot girl." FCA. Finding my niche.
 October 2014: Wednesday morning Bible studies. Homecoming. Getting TPed...
November 2014: Thanksgiving. Time with the fam bam. Focusing on focusing on Jesus. His Ranch fundraiser.

December 2014: Phone-hacking. Selfies. Christmas! Smiling. Surprises. Beautiful friends. The Hobbit.

January 2015: Newness. New ideas. New love. New mercy. New life. New house! Reunited family. Reformed Roses. Snow - but I could've used more snow.

February 2015: Winterwarming. Basketball. Journalism. Dawg Pound. 

March 2015: 41 Night. Persuasion. Soccer. Courage. Mud.

 April: The Exchange - youth group. The ACT. A team that is more like family.
May 2015: Prom. Graduation. Mixed emotions. Rain and sunlight and beautifulness. Excitement for what's to come.

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