Monday, December 15, 2014

not about me

   The nice thing about God is that He never changes. I get so gosh-dang tired of confusion and drama and always growing older every minute every second of every day. And then there's God. Always there. Right next to me. Strong and steady. Never changing. Never moving.
   About five days before I moved this summer, we went to a youth night at my church. There was mud and pizza and I actually have scars from that night and our team won, but more importantly God spoke profoundly to me during worship. In fact, here's the video of the exact song when He nailed me in the face with truth. I'm the girl in the front with the blue t-shirt and the heart overwhelmed.
   I was moving away from that church and those people and that place, and I was scared and I was confused. I was in the middle of reminding God of all the things He had done for me and through me there. He had given me true friends, we had started the Jesus Parties, people had been saved. I truly was excited to move to a new place with new people and new opportunities, but during this song, I finally admitted that I was scared.
   I was scared that I wouldn't be able to do the things I had done in Lewis County. Scared I wouldn't be able to make friends. Scared I would disappoint Him.
   Finally God interrupted my tirade to remind me that it is not about me. And it never has been. He said, "Well, truth is, you won't be able to do any of those things. Never. Not without me." But with God, I can.
   See, I moved to a different place. There's a different culture, different people, different a lot of things. But God is still my God. And he's the same God he was in all the nine other places I've lived. He's still strong, good, merciful, all-powerful, loving, and holy. With Him, I can do anything. And I am. And I will.

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