Sunday, January 12, 2014

This Is Not a Fairy Tale

            God has shown you His love and told you He how feels about you.  You’ve learned that He loves and accepts you.  You’ve been told He desires you, that He delights in you.  You’ve had an awesome experience, an emotional rush, but you don’t think it can last.
            You feel like you’re living once upon a time in a land far, far away, like you’re stuck inside a storybook.  There is no way it’s real.  After all, nothing this good has ever happened to you before.  It has to be too good to be true.
            Wrong, beloved.  This is not a fairy tale.  This is God.  He never changes, never gives up, never leaves.  He loved you yesterday, He loves you today, He will love you tomorrow.  He loves you when you’re laughing, when you’re crying, and when you’re overwhelmed.  He loves you when you don’t even care.
            He created you.  He calls you Hephzibah, because He delights in you.  Your smiles make Him smile.
            He wants nothing more than to spend time with you.  He has so much more to show you, to tell you, if only you will listen.  Just sit at His feet.  Just be with Him. 
            He has infinite love.  He will never. ever. run out.  He is so excited to spend eternity with you!
            He died for you.  Did you catch that?  Jesus, king of kings, creator of the universe, God, thinks you are to die for.  There is no greater love.  He loves you.
            This is real. Beloved, this is not a fairy tale. This is God.

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