Thursday, June 6, 2013


   There are certain people who just exude awesomeness.  People whom I consider quotable role models.  True winners.  These are some of those people.

  • The rebel trumpeter in Shrek 2
Sorry it's in Spanish. :/ Apparently English-speakers don't appreciate him as much as I do.  But you still get the point.  We were watching Shrek 2 yesterday and I literally yelled out, "Winner!" as soon as I saw this.
  • Michele Perry
Michele left America to take care of orphans in Sudan, giving up "normal" for the supernatural.  God as taught all about love and redemption.  Her book Love Has a Face touched my heart on so many levels.  I reccomend it to all of you.  Michele will make you feel like a winner.
  • The Skit Guys
This video made me tear up twice.  Once from laughing so hard, and again from the overwhelming message of God's power and love.  I love everything the Skit Guys do, and this is one of my favorites, so you know I've been quoting it all week.  "Don't touch!!!"
  • Whoever came up with these pranks.  And the people brave enough to carry them out.

  • Trick Shot Titus
He's just a little toddler. And yes, he has the same name as my bro. 
  • This 10-year-old girl
Depth? It was like she tore herself open and gave us a glimpse of her soul. Jus' sayin'.
   So live. Love. Laugh. Be a winner.

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