Saturday, December 15, 2012


   I wait for my future husband.  Yes, I wait, but this is not idle expectation.  This is more than sitting alone daydreaming.  This is more than anticipation.
   This is saving myself for him.  This is preservation.  Paying attention, actively guarding, patiently protecting.  This is handing over to God all the keys that open me up.  He's good at safe-keeping.  This is careful conservation.  Heart, mind, body, and soul.
   This is learning.  To feed him, to clothe him, to take care of his children.  To love him as best as I can.  Learning womanhood - the virtuous kind.  Learning to love God more than I could ever love anyone. 
   This is preparation.

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I prt about who I will marry as well. I ask God to bring me a man like my 2 best friends dad's, like my dad, and like my mom's dad. Someday, our prince will come. :)