Wednesday, April 18, 2012

You and Jasmine

   So how many of you really got that lesson?  You know, when our FACS teacher read the story about Jasmine.  Remember tearing of pieces of our paper hearts every time she lost a piece of herself?
   I remember laughing and talking.  Saying she was stupid and should of learned her lesson.  Joking about taping her legs together.  But girls, as you tore that paper heart to shreds, did you stop to think that you might be doing the very same thing to yourself?
   You don't have to have sex to loose part of yourself.  Remember that kiss, the hug by your locker, or holding hands on the way to class?  Each time, you gave him a piece of yourself.  Maybe just the tiniest sliver, but your heart just became that much smaller.
   Ever wonder why it hurts so much to break up?  You gave him yourself, by bits and pieces, thinking that this was love and you'd be together forever.  Now you're left with less of himself and more of his baggage.
   Have you ever considered the man you will marry?  You want his whole heart, his whole self, not a battered and bruise piece of it.  What will you have left for him?
   So don't be so quick to judge Jasmine, the girl with the shredded heart.  You may have more in common with her than you thought.

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